04 What do we offer?

The educational project Olivera Infant School can be summarized in the following sentence:

”Each child comes in to the world with a project and needs help to make it happen"

Lluís Folch i Camarassa
Honorary president of the catalan society of Pedagogy

Therefore, it is a project that promotes the skills of each child from a harmonious development of sensory, motor and intellectual capabilities, combining traditional methodologies with the latest advances and most innovative contributions on child development.

We follow the most important pedagogical teachings from specialists of the last century such as Maria Montessori, to the the most prominent experts in the world of education as Piaget, Vygotsky, Spitz, Doman, Bruner, Reggio Emilia … without ever forgetting the new trends of neuropsychology like the new educational system of Early Learning.

Learning through playfulness, experimentation, exploration and manipulation, added to the emotions and feelings as tools of integration and assimilation of knowledge.

Besides the individual attention tasks that all children require, we will include several activities :

  • The psychomotor circuit


  • The sensory trunks


  • The exploration workshop


  • Musical Language


  • The Vegetable Garden


  • The games corner


  • Languages: English and French


  • Early Stimulation


  • Field trips and Summer camps




  • Annual Project



  • Educational programming endorsed by the Department of Education



  • Emotional intelligence and values.